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So it looks like all the loose threads are being tied up now, unless you have some super antagonist in your back pocket(a father of the twins who was recently mentioned, if the translator was correct on what death was saying, so possibly…). is this the end of Yosh!, or is there something i’m forgetting that hasn’t been resolved yet? If this is the end, good story, though i will say it does seem kinda forced for Death’s change of heart, and kinda rushed, but at the same time, it was dealt with pretty well. If this is nearing the conclusion, i would like to say thanks for the interesting webcomic that kept me entertained for a couple years, been reading since about 2010.

But if suddenly the Immortal Twin’s father shows up, with all the powers of the Magi, I called it, because while it makes sense for Death to be worried about her father, it was an odd detail to mention, but it was there, and hidden enough that it could be a hint, or just backstory. either that or maybe whatever had Death fearing for her father’s life?

Honestly, I kind of like the slice of life stuff we are getting on the characters and the lower stakes storylines now. We wrapped up the big bad climactic arc years in the making and now we can just relax and enjoy the characters doing life things (which given their lives, still involves some weird and interesting territory).

And yes we get the joke, Sage. Took me a second, though. My brain: “Mihari forgot to wear a costume… Ohhhhh, I get it now.”

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