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Yosh! Is a webcomic started in late 2003 as a way to entertain a small group of online friends on a now non-existent Forum.  Through their support and the help of my friend Alex and my friend Tom, I was able to get past my hangups on making it more story driven and creating a website that would update frequently. The comic started as a Weekday update comic every Monday through Friday and slowly improved in quality and after the official 100th comic (There are many pages not on the site- but they were all even more random… so if you’ve read the beginning you can imagine just how out there they must have been to be “too random” to include) the comic changed to 3 updates a week and full color. That remained the case for almost 15 years until in 2019 when the extra work from another comic and the increased image size for the comics became too much work and the decision was made to decrease the number of Yosh! comics from 3 a week to 2 a week. Still, with the larger format and with the update for the new comic, Artificial Incident, there’s still a consistent flow and the quality has improved.

The Current Update Schedule for Yosh! Is Every Monday and Friday.

The story of Yosh! Revolves around the characters Kate and Phil in an alternate version of Earth. Much of modern day Earth is the same with the exception of the far past and the past 14 years the story takes place in. Kate is a person afflicted by an event that caused fire magic to return to the world after being sealed away. It’s chaotic effect caused random magical effects in people and things that were once imbued with or capable of using magic. Kate, along with another unfortunate number of people had a physical transformation into a catgirl, in her case. There are many other animal like forms people were effectively cursed with. Phil appears to be a rather normal though exceptionally dense young man, however, strange things seem to surround him at all times, from a talking penguin to ninjas, to a friend that summons demons. Kate joins this strange group of friends and things gradually get stranger and stranger revealing just how much the world has changed and how this group of oddballs is going to affect it.

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