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#2273 published on 9 Comments on #2273

Just a reminder. Yosh! will no longer update on Wednesdays. As mentioned before, the increase in comic size has caused me to shift my schedule more and more to make more room for work and less time for my own well being. I chose Wednesday because I do already update a comic on Wednesday! If you haven’t check it out yet there’s no better time to start reading Artificial Incident! Chapter 6 ends this week with Chapter 7 starting next week! I also have more projects I plan to work on as well that I hope you will all enjoy but they will be slow going as just dropping one update a week doesn’t completely undo all the extra work I do now with the larger updates. Thank you all for your understanding and support in this change and for those unhappy with it, thank you for enjoying my work as much as you do, it means a lot to me.

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