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#2563 published on 14 Comments on #2563

Android girls learn about cyber vigilantism. To be fair, Nami is already a known specialist in cyber warfare, Michelle is too though not as much as Nami. Their methods of interacting with other computer systems is akin to a person from a higher dimension observing and manipulating something on a lower dimension. If you aren’t familiar with that example let me geek out for a moment to give the most basic example of this. Let’s say there is a 2D universe that lives on a sheet of paper. Because they are 2D they cant ever actually look out into the world, they can only know their 2 dimensions. A person or being in 3D might be able to put a pencil on that paper and add things to their world. These things can’t see what’s doing it, they just can tell something is happening, and just as quickly an eraser can be brought down and remove it. The 2D thing might be able to imagine a 3rd Dimension, where this stuff came from, but it can never know. O_O

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