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Ctrl-Z published on 34 Comments on Ctrl-Z

Phil and Hue continue to learn about how Phil’s powers work, and they are continually impressed by the methods that the null ability uses to protect it’s user.  So areas recently affected by magic hold enough magic still to be prevented from having an effect on the Null. If a rock were to be thrown into the air with magic and then left for gravity to do it’s thing, it would loose momentum and fall to the side because it had recently been touched by magic. Yet, some things act differently. Why do some thing stop and drop, while other things return from where they came? Why was Lia able to control water into a fluid and gaseous form around Phil? Is it possible that the null power can somehow determine what is a negative effect of magic and a positive effect? Or is there something more behind it? Is Sage done asking questions? Or is he just getting started?  Yeah he’s done, later folks! ^_^

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