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I just noticed something interesting it’s a ways off but 87 more pages till yosh! hit 2k way to sage

Counting filler and other stuff it’s also page 2087. Interesting mirror effect going on there….

wait sage has only done a hundred filler pages?! weird seems like more

Believe it makes 174 pages not counted as a page, so filler, announcements, what have you, since it’s -87 from page 2k counting just pages, and +87 from page 2k counting everything. (No, I didn’t manually count, I just use Comic Rocket to keep track of things (when you’re reading, like, 50+ things, it makes it so much a whole lot easier to keep track of….) and glanced at number of pages when I saw this. Though interestingly the Archives button (PS: why is the archive like that? :,( it’s so hard to find anything….) seems to like 2088 pages….wonder where the difference is?)

personally I blame the whole katbox virus debacle but yeah no clue about why the archive is so weird I check out draconia and las lindas also until recently I had to catch up from a 3 year absence from the internet so yeah their was that twokinds wasn’t so bad a page to be taken their archive is really good

Figured it had to be related to that. Though, before, here, it was just a list of all the pages. Which….worked fine, I thought….maybe they haven’t gotten to redoing that yet? (Or someone didn’t like that idea? Dunno, how it is now though is just ugh, though….)

…five years in tech doesn’t that make her middle aged? or close

If I’m remembering the cannoninity correct, Nami was also the second robot girl built, after Miyo (Was that her name? It’s been awhile since we’ve seen her…) So yeah, she’s getting close in tech terms.

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