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#1940 – Sight Beyond Sight

#1940 – Sight Beyond Sight published on 17 Comments on #1940 – Sight Beyond Sight

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Funny side effect of having ridiculous vision, ignoring obvious things and reduced processing power towards other senses. Also, coming up with excuses for a girl who looks like a Japanese ghost girl…


Are they glowey eyes? She looks pretty cute even if they are but you’d think the R&D department would include an off/normal mode for them.

They all use Prototype stuff 😛

Can’t turn off a prototype?
Or have they not installed normal sight into those “special eyes” yet?

Turning it off would result in blindness, and they have very limited area to work with so putting “normal sight” into an already complex device is not simple or in this case, not possible. Sure she could replace them, but she likes them. The social problem that comes from them is not as big of an issue as the benefit she gets from having them. The level of sense she gets from the prototype, to not have it and instead have regular sight would be akin to making yourself blind. She lost a whole level of sense she’s grown accustom to and takes advantage of.

It might not be her appearance that makes people avoid her but that she looks at you as if you were naked if she sees through clothes.
Though I bet people would be a lot more willing to put up with that if she constantly wears her hair like in the last panel, she looks much more cute like that.

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