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It’s the ears. It’s always the furry cat ears. . .

That is my theory for why so many are interested in Blake from RWBY, we have 4, one of whom deserves a slow and painful death,

I hope you’re not referring to me as deserving a slow and painful death, nyao! I _try_ to behave, honest! (The fact that there are several moderators standing behind me with rolled-up newspapers and huge Super Soakers to use on me if I even think of getting out of line helps tremendously, believe me, nyao!)
And as for my interest in Blake, it’s not just that her ears are cuter than mine, nyao! _All_ of her is gorgeous! ^_^ (Come to think of it, her other three teammates are cute too!)

No I am saying Adam from RWBY deserves it

When it comes to the leader of the White Fang, I’d say he’s _earned_ a slow and painful death! {evil grin} And so did Cynder, for killing poor Pyrrha. (Of course, I’m secretly hoping that Jen Brown, her voice actress, gets cast as Neo once we finally hear her talk, but that’s just me.)

Kate: “Why is it that I always attract the attention of very aggressive lesbians?”
Me: “I’m not THAT aggressive, am I, nyao? And I’m not a lesbian–I’d do your boyfriend too, if you both were willing!”
Hmm… maybe it’s because you’re a cute, smart catgirl with a nice boyfriend? Why is it that some people (myself included) always fall for the wrong ones, nyao?

I forget Phil’s invincibility turns off every time he is aware of it right

It doesn’t turn off it just doesn’t block certain effects it otherwise would. Being shot if he knows it’s coming it won’t harm him but he’ll be moved by the impact and feel a small amount of pain, if he doesn’t know it’s coming his power will completely erase the bullet without him ever knowing. Either way he’s invulnerable but it’s way more comprehensive in what it negates if he doesn’t know it’s coming.

Sooo…am I the only one that really doesn’t like Lilith as a character? Constantly creeping on other girls even when it’s clearly unwelcome, the very poor impulse control, being willing to try crushing a (for all she knew) ordinary human’s skull just because he helped stop her from killing her coworkers in the robotic equivalent of a psychotic episode…just, no. I would rather clean NYC subway toilets that work in the same building with her.

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