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Lilith seems to be quite the tsundere.

Strikes me as more yangire, which is basically yandere without the love interest angle. I see little that make me think she’s tsundere on him. Nothing, actually.

i may be overthinking this but from a tactical view wouldn’t it be to Phil’s advantage to never block. i mean its not like he needs to and most of his opponents will majorly outclass him on almost every front anyway. so always going for the hit seems like the best thing for him do as it also gives him the advantage of throwing his opponent off and hitting them when their at their most open.
in other words your god modding phil use it lol

His neck is still a weak point in many cases. Lilith is alive through magic, so when his null powers shut that magic down, she collapsed. As far as I understand these rules, a human or chimera wouldn’t get hurt by that. So he still needs to know how to protect his neck.

Wouldn’t hitting him in the neck still possibly cause a problem with breathing? He can still asphyxiate after all…..

i could be wrong but i don’t thin it would.
its been shown all the time that Phil’s body doesn’t brake or bruise. so punching him on the neck has no way to effect his wind pipe. heck I’m only 50/50 on strangulation working on phil either using those same rules.
someone can still hold him under water, such the air out of the room his in or cover his mouth and noses until he passes out. i just don’t see anything that has to damage his body to cause asphyxiation to work on Phil

What’s that TVTropes line? “Even evil has standards”? -_^
Of course, this also reminds me of the first time we see Logan in the first X-Men movie:
“Whatever you do, don’t kick him in the balls.”
“I thought you said ‘anything goes’?”
“Anything goes–but he’ll take it personal.”

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