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It got replaced by the inferior Vuukle. Which is inferior by nature of its lack of Twitter integration (which is how I usually prefer to login to these things), is overly complicated, cluttered, and apparently, does not suit anything with a dark background without heavy CSS modification.
Didn’t like when LFG and LICD switched to it, not a fan of Yosh! and AI switching to it, either.

Well, this is not the comment system I recall seeing a short while ago. (The part where it even has a character limit Whatever. 3k’s probably enough. Wonder if it allows either BB or html tags…)
And no names per page anymore! Wow much changes to structure.
Comic itself’s still the same though. Most important part’s still good. We’re good. ( 😛 )

I feel like blue is making fun of Nami and also slightly serious don’t know why
on a side note I prefered the comment system that let me log in with disqus because it notified me on other sites when someone commented on my comments but what ever it’s the who ever owns the sites decision

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