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Oh man the cringe. Sage i get it, a tone shift. But this was rather out of nowhere and both kind of meta and not very fitting, i would get it if phill said it, or better yet alex,he just got back and he is always saying this sort of thing. So it would fit. But a meta joke like this from her is about as fitting as a bunnygirl costume, as a aside amazing, but as is may have been better to just have shit hit the fan without warning.

It’s not about a tone shift, or really even a meta thing. They are well aware of the situation they are in. They know that the Twins are on the verge of doing something and that they are in a literal stand off with them. It’s Naoko being herself, she’s not one for long happy conversations. She’s a bit awkward at times being rather dead pan, but this whole run with her and Kate has been about having her open up a bit more and spend more time with other characters.

As for foreshadowing, something terrible is always on it’s way. It’s practically a cold reading. Does it mean any time soon? Is it really all that terrible? She doesn’t know. All she knows for sure is they are on the brink of war and Shiden is bluffing his way to keep that tight rope walk going as long as he can. Being a pessimist, Naoko doesn’t think that will last.

Ok thats fair. I guess i missread her character. Thought she was more the dutyfull scholar. Sagely, hopefull but within reason.

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