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#2188 published on 15 Comments on #2188

Streaming tonight at 9pm EDT over at! If you are late… I am probably still streaming. I usually continue streaming for 4-6 hours.

Oh and if you havent noticed- The Kickstarter is still going for Artificial Incident Book One! I’m sure most of y’all interested in it have already pledged or are waiting for money to come in to be able to, or just hoping it succeeds so that you can buy  book later when they are available for purchase online… but feel free to let other people know about it! The kickstarter is going to slow down and the only way it’s going to reach the goal is to keep some momentum and the final week push!


bad move, Hugh. you’re telling her there’s people she can kill to threaten him.

You know, I’m not the best with interpreting peoples feelings, but I think, maybe, possibly, Death is a little sore towards the Null. Just spitballing here, dunno what might give me that impression.

Ok so that about conferms it. That is the element talking. The things she mentions arnt memories of human hosts. The twin candidates were almos all stillborn or died in infancy if I remember right. So the element had no eyes or ears most of the time. Just waiting on a host but losing it instantly. So the null is much more a threat to her as it will give the host control. It also explains the whole memories thing, they all are the same being, not just inherited.

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