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Ok, what ?

Remember when the crew was opening the celestial portal and Axel, Kalish and PenPen got sent to the demon realm? They passed by the portal on the Twins’ floating island, and PenPen overheard Death planning to attack North Korea. PenPen pretended to be a stereotypical trapped demon and after the “release me!” bit inevitably failed the two ended up ‘reminiscing’ about the ancient past, which gave PenPen more insight into Death’s nature and character. For her part, Death seemed to have grown fond of PenPen, apparently viewing him as a kindred spirit. By all appearances, she remains utterly unaware that the demon penguin she talked to was a Demon Prince, much less that he is close friends with Phil and company.

Cut to now, and it sounds like Death is trying to use demons as minions to bring Kate to her, again seemingly unaware that the new demon king is both a friend of the very person she wants to hold hostage, but also a veteran who fought the Five in the “first” Null’s war. PenPen again seems to be playing along, sending an escort to the complex to pick up Kate…but making sure that she, Shiden and everyone else are prepared to use the trip for a strong counterattack.

Wait, does death’s power even work on robots? I mean it might work depending on the specifics such as if it decays things but if it simply snuffs out life then what?

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