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You know this feels like an endgame type event for the comic but it’s surprisingly sudden and there’s still the odd plot thread out there so I’m halfway “Wow, capstone time with all the reveals and maybe we’ll finally learn what magic has been trying to do!” and the other half is “But I like the wackiness and fun of the comic and don’t want it to end! There’s so much room for character growth and playing with the world!”

Either way I’m enjoying your work and looking forward to some titanfall-esque android drops. Let’s see how the knockoff brigade deals with the OG gynoids (which is a really weird thing to type/say but whatever).

Ah, yes, the everpresent trope of plans being laid out for everything that has been said to fail and only the parts that were kept hidden to succeed.

“Haha! I knew you’d do that! That’s why I kept my real forces on my- CLOAKED WARSHIP!” *Klingon Bird of Prey appears overhead* “That’s from Star Trek!” “NO! It’s BASED on Star Trek!” “It’s the same thing!” “IT’S DIFFERENT! FIRE DISTRIBUTORS!” “SEE?! I TOLD Y-AH!!!!! MY MOLECULES!”

Like that right?

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