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Death certainly seems to be taking that humongous realization in stride.

Now the question is, will she decide Phil’s not a threat, or will she want to kill him simply because he’s “The Null”, even if he’s not the same person?

My question now is: Why did death think the Null’s reincarnation would be like her’s and Life’s rather than the other Magi?

Was the last Null’s life span longer, so she though she was dealing with multiple Nulls rather than one Null that was semi immortal?

I am so so so so praying that Death here goes “So, he doesn’t want to kill us… We don’t have to fight desperately for our lives? OKAY GUYS, world conquest is cancelled. Let’s go get some cupcakes!”

But in reality we all know she’s going to be all “Perfect, I can now conquer world and imprison Null somewhere eternally to prevent him from ever stopping my eternal rule over these puny mortals!”

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