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I kind of like the Proxy. ^_^ He’s got much better manners and more chill than his bosses.

Because he’s polite to his enemies, he’s also the perfect candidate for what is called a Heel-Face Turn. You could also see him helping out the heroes against a mutual threat and he’d never think about backstabbing them.

Though of interest is the fact that for a bodyguard who should be prepared for assassins 24/7 from every angle he didn’t question Kate’s jewelry one bit. I mean, the idea of orichalcum jewelry being used as a weapon isn’t that far fetched. This leads to some interesting questions about his loyalty.

Maybe not outside the realm of possibility, but he and Death were under the impression that Kate had been forcibly abducted with no time to prepare herself. That jewelry could be enchanted and/or dangerous might be plausible, but the probability that an A-type chimera who is only notable in that she’s the romantic interest of the Null was unexpectedly abducted when she just happened to be wearing orichalcum with weapons-grade enchantments on it…that’s a pileup of improbabilities nobody would ever predict.

Of course, that’s more reflective of their incomplete information than anything else. They didn’t know that the demon king was a personal friend of Phil et al. They didn’t know that Kate had been taught to make her own magical items . In fact, it’s probable that they think that the only magic items Shiden et al have access to are ancient artifacts, thus making the magical items they do have incredibly rare, incredibly valuable, and hit-and-miss regarding utility. And they certainly don’t know that Kate’s use of orichalcum has allowed her to become a capable and versatile spellcaster. It’s so far outside of anything they had any reason to suspect that it’s not surprising that Proxy didn’t give any thought to the jewelry.

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