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I like the look on his face!

And with two of the combat-model ladies there pounding on the guy, they can tag-team him and stay charged up. Given that one can keep up for a time but loses in an attrition-style fight, two will probably take him.

Of course, that’s assuming that Lilith’s chassis is essentially equivalent to Lien’s, but it’s not, is it? Lilith’s got a stronger fighting chassis to begin with….

Kinda looks like Lilith is going for a joint lock there on his arm; it’d be an interesting way to deny his strength or use it against him. It could also leave her very vulnerable by staying latched on. I don’t think we’re gonna see them ‘beat’ Proxy just here, but if they did… I get the feeling things would go from bad to worse very fast.

Okay, so she is a high energy high-risk fighter correct? really looks like the plan is to try and immobilize him then because so far other than a ‘surprise’ shot from Lien we haven’t even seen anything so much as graze Proxy.

Does seem like quite a gamble though I mean where Sage put her is REALLY dangerous she is on the inside part of his arm meaning unless something happens fairly quickly with his strength/speed and her locked position on his arm he could deliver some just vicious blows to her.

But I been here long enough to know that something WILL happen… still hope there is more to proxy we haven’t seen though.

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