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Artificial Incident will be reachable at . I’ll also have another website that I’ll link you all too once it’s up and ready.
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Why hasn’t she made the connection, that long ago, her past self made the null very upset, and so he killed her over and over and over… She is at the precipice where all she has to do is tell him, “i just tried to kill your fiance” and she will have another long hole in memory.

I love how he just turned the usual deal with the devil, that he and his own would be left alone so long as he abandoned everyone else to suffer, completely on its head, so effortlessly! It warms the heart! 🙂

I mean, if that sort of deal was going to be made, then they wouldn’t be having this little confrontation to begin with. No, Phil and his friends aren’t here just for themselves, but for everyone who would be caught in her and her brother’s path. It’s an ideal worth aspiring to, the basis of the social contract as well as the purpose of laws: to hurt *one* of us is to hurt *all* of us. The world will be a lot better off when the human family, as a whole, lives in accordance with that.

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