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Artificial Incident will be reachable at . I’ll also have another website that I’ll link you all too once it’s up and ready.
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Oh, sorry! I didn’t see your nametag, everyone was just calling you “Death”. Nice to meet you, Ms. “Too Dumb To Live”. Guessing you didn’t like your parents for that one.

Would anyone like to say good-bye to Death before Phil kills her?

wait can Phil kill her?

Technically, yes, from my understanding Death is probably the squishiest wizard in the series, it just happens that she can kill anything that could even attempt to do so with the exceptions only being the Null and possibly Life though for different reasons. Also Phil has shown willing to use lethal force on a demon before and even if he only did so under the assumption that said demon would respawn in hell(don’t remember if it did or if Phil had at least expected said result) that would only place the demon at the same level on a moral standpoint given that I am fairly sure Phil was there for the all generations of Life/Death are the same individual as the past generation conversation.

yeah no but wasn’t Phil’s stand point with the demon that it was threatening lives of innocence without a care for what would happen to them with Death despite what she is she is also technically human has phil ever actaully killed another human intentionally is what I meant

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