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Is Life seriously complaining about “Fair Play” because he just lost the advantage?

I’m not really seeing any complaints about fair play. He is just making observations. When he lost sight of him he was confused, he doubted that Alex would run. Then was confused about him coming back with somthing else. None of that is complaints.

I usually only hear the antagonist call a protagonist “Coward” when they lose whatever advantage they had. It’s usually accompanied by disparaging remarks about the protagonist’s lack of honor and the like, usually extending from said protagonist refusing to play the antagonist’s game. 🙂

But it’s important to view this in its proper context. In this case the context is he thought that Axel was literally running away from the battle. Note in particular that the follow-up thought indicates that Axel had only just started to come back, and the invocation of ‘wait’ further indicates that this modified the opinion that Life had just expressed.

To be more direct about it, Life had apparently been under the impression that Axel was quitting the field of battle as soon as Life started to give him trouble. Based on that perception, the term “coward” would have been properly invoked. Similarly, he seems to abandon that invocation when it becomes apparent that the perception was inaccurate.

Um. This raises a few questions. He can freely make portals connecting the worlds? He can bring others through them as well? Then why did penpen need to take the throne? When Alex penpen and demoness were trapped in the demon realm couldn’t he have just opened a portal then? And it isnt a matter of he can only do it from earth to the demon realm. He just did it right here from demon realm to earth.

If I remember correctly, it was a Banishment spell that trapped them in the demon world to begin with thus made it impossible to portal right back. So they were trying to find an already-established poral back.

Correct- They were banished which prevented them from being able to create a portal back- Until Penpen became King and with that, gave him the power to remove the banishment. After that Axel could have opened one himself- however he was in a state where if he used magic well- yeah…
However creating a portal into the demon world is still something Axel is not used to, it did help that he could slip through the portal on the island once he was between worlds. It’s dangerous to try to bring any demon over in the method Axel used here- which is why he went with a Hell Wyrm because they are near indestructible, and if something did go wrong no one would miss one 😛

Axel likely can do it because:
There’s a gate to the demon dimension above their heads that he can use.
That Gate and the other gate to the Order dimension have concentrated the majority of the Earth’s magic on the floating island and it’s accessable to anyone who can use magic.

It occurs to me, this is likely to get attention from the celestial realm.

They don’t care about what happens in the universe so long as it’s actual source is the natural things of the universe, and Demons are now a natural part of the universe (Caused by an outside force but they spawned within and are thus part of the new natural order). They only care about outsiders trying to get in and outsiders that get in. They don’t trust or like demons because historically they were caused by outsiders, but that’s not their problem now and will only aid against demons if “asked” to intervene.

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