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Ok why tell him that. Life was being cocky and playing with alex. As life has the advantage this gives alex all the time he needs to analyze and find a opportunity. But not he well get ether serious or desperate. Both of these are bad news for alex. Life is stronger and alex can defend against him so if he just goes nuts and all out atacked alex wouldn’t be able to really do anything. And serious is always bad. So while he may make some mistakes do to rushing it would still be better to let hin toy and show more of his tricks.

He’s gambling, Axel knows as things are he has no chance of winning, and holding him off is just going to drain all his magic to the point where he’s useless anyways. So he’s trying to unnerve him, get information out of him, and hopefully get him to make a mistake he can capitalize on.

I guess we’ll finally see or hear what Life has been up to all this time. Maybe explain why he’s following his sister’s lead in all this nonsense. Is Life as much a “broken record” as Death is? Or he working behind the scenes to change something? Hmm…

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