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Question: how dangerous is Life without that sword? Wonder if Phil can just disarm him then can Kate just pin him for a bit while certain matters are explained to him.

I would not advise that. His body is perfectly healthy as a side effect of life. Even without the magic it would be safe to asume he is in absolutely peek condition physically. He mentioned swordplay, so it does sound like he took formal training at sone point. It would be odd if he didn’t practice any hand to hand as well. So he likly is both stronger and more proficient in hand to hand than kate.

. . .wait I am sorry does he think he killed Axle?
. . .can we use that?

A sword through the chest tends to kill anyone not possessing either intense healing magic or the magic of life itself. It is a reasonable assumption to make.

Perhaps, but it also depends on where the stab lands, how large the sword is, and most importantly what the blow pierces.

It is a large sword, easily 5 inches across. Based on location he likely cut a lung in dam near half. He instanly lost consciousness from shock. It was an extremely fatal wound. So many aspects of it were lethal on there own, but all at once. He had a minute at best. Even he was shocked he lived.

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