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So, is there anyone present in this situation that actually understands what they’re saying? The only possible person I can think of would be PenPen.

The other elements probably can translate for the magi, and maybe the demoness,(is she her? Alex is so i would assume, but she might not be) oh and maybe the androids could figure it out and whip up a translator.
One idea would be to hook up the vr system to them, as it scans brain waves with enough accuracy to let you talk in the world it could be considered mind reading and allow telepathic communications, this could bypass language altogether. So slap on one of those chip and let them talk that way.

umm Explainations needed please

The magi are powerful elemental spirits, embodying and perhaps dominating the magical element itself. They outlive the physical frames they inhabit, and leave when the body dies to move to another one. This is ideally a symbiotic relationship. However, the twins were very likely children and too weak-willed to contend with them; you can see a flash of this when Water takes over to kill Cain while his guard is down.

So the magi spirits of life and death basically suppressed and supplanted the twins. To the original owners’ consciousnesses, this would probably be like a coma; no memory of what happened between the effectively parasitic possession and when Phil let them out again.

Decent explanation.
The Twins are a special case, their bodies as they were when they were first merged are reborn with their magic. This shows that their “human” (they arent human but thats more complicated for this explanation) memories have been suppressed by the magics “personality”. So to them, they are waking up for the first time since they became the hosts for Life and Death.

Death just gave up control on her own though, to let her host out to talk to her brother. This is to show that Death’s recent experience has unlocked something that she hasn’t had since she first took over. That spark of a connection with her host. Much like how Emi was affected when the same happened to her.

Effectively, Magic doesnt really have a moral system, so they latch onto the emotions that their hosts have and amplify them to form a personality. Everyone has negative emotions, and magic is often drawn to those emotions (the same way that ghosts in Yosh! are emotions manifested after death). This leads most who let their magic control them lean towards evil or selfish actions.

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