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. . .they’re blowing up the island and making everyone believe the people behind this shit died aren’t they?

Blowing up the island would be a waste, but I won’t discount it entirely. Also if they are trying to get the twins to follow a more peaceful path I don’t think destroying their home would be very conducive to that goal. While Shiden may be prepared for bad stuff going down I don’t think that’s what he wants to happen.

true but they threatened the world’s stability pretty sure a bunch of nations that have the ability to fight magic probably know about the twins and simply didn’t do anything cause well they had an army of robots magic without equal and are difficult to track in real time but after Phil and everyone basically dropped the proverbial sledgehammer on them well pretty sure certain dictator or masked totalitarian states would be more then happy to “Clean up” when they leave

oh also correct me if I am wrong but all the other Magi live in the Apartment Complex Shiden owns why wouldn’t by logic if blows up Death and Life’s Home wouldn’t he offer them free room and board untli they could find better accommodations

Well one big difference, the other magi weren’t actually enemies, emi is the closest situation wise but her magic that made her a enemy had a much weaker hold on her, she got full control back. She also wanted to change. Life and death do not have that, there magic is letting them be for now but its at the magics discretion not theirs, at any point it can take it back. They also are not yet in a state of wanting to chang so much as feeling defeated and confused, that is a rather volatile state and could put all those around at risk.

We gotta nuke the site from orbit.

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