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In panel 3 it looks like the light is coming from the island, but it looks like the island is being shot at in panel 5. Did I miss something or is my brain just telling me lies?

I feel that you’ve got it backwards. The light is coming from a far away flying craft that has an outline with similarities in it’s shadow to a Warship that happens to be in the air, or a Star Destroyer from Star Wars in panel 5. The shot hits the island in panel 5.

Is that actually one of Shieldon’s Ships in panel 3? Because for some reason I feel like it isn’t, despite everything else about the situation, especially the timing, suggesting that it must be.

It must be a shock for their magic as well to be given another reminder how far outclassed they were. If Shiden had been the one to initiate the attack (meaning no need to think about hostages), and used this weapon they would’ve suffered a great loss.

Not really? If it did kill them off it would’ve just triggered the reincarnation cycle again, which neither Life nor Death considered a big deal until the Null got involved. At worst Life would’ve been annoyed that a bunch of his toys got destroyed.

It would’ve also killed all the chimera and mages working for them that were on the island, the island itself which was their base of operations would be destroyed, the portal to the demon realm would be gone, Proxy might have survived but that isn’t sure. The reincarnation cycle isn’t instant either, they’d loose years just growing up again and most likely be vulnerable during that time.

Huh, so they did go ahead and blow up the island, shame that but I guess Shiden felt it was necessary. Life’s gonna take that hard though, he got ticked off just from his sword being destroyed. Imagine how he’s going to feel over Lord knows how many ancient priceless artifacts being lost with this attack!

<_< >_> uhm- probably not so bad when he finds out they legit looted the place before they did this- as well as taking all the Chimeras off the island too. Only things left on the island were clothes, bed, some basic amenities, a bunch of incomplete battlebots, and a bleeding out Cain.

Well I would hope they would get all the people off first ’cause otherwise that would be an unexpected dark turn for Shiden! Didn’t know they were looting as well during the op though, thought this was mainly a rescue mission.

As for the bleeding out Cain: I guess that’s one way to bury him at sea!

Wonder if we’re going to see what he’s going to do about the resulting tsunami. That is a rather large chunk of rock falling back into the Pacific.

Would be an issue if a quarter of it hadnt been vaporized and the rest got broken up – and most of it will fall slowly as the enchantment wasn’t dispelled so much as the supply of power got cut. So it will decay and fall in with more of a “bloop” than a “kersplash”.

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