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You know i dont know why it didn’t even occurre to me that dress was owned by someone else, i guess i thought death prepared a few in advance as a kind of show her greatess thing. But clues were definitely there, for one the fact its blue. Honestly color clue are so numerous in this comic, but still most colors mean nothing. I mean if a clue was dropped in the form of phil’s shirt color its just game over for anyone trying to predict. My general rool is only hair and eye colors matter, but this was a guessable one at least.

So wait a sec, proxy did the modifications!? Sage you have got to show us a flash back of that old man sewing. The tail hole is one thing as you just need to make a cut and reinforce the edges of said cut (dont know the turn, maybe fold) but to expand the chest is a much harder task. You need to add fabric assuming Lia did not get a over sized dress that she tightened by them adding folds, if that was the case you just let out the extra fabric by undoing the fold. Without that he would have to add fabric to most likely the neck strap, asuming she didn’t have two of the same dress he would have to take that fabric from elsewhere on the dress….. i think you can see this isnt a easy task. The fact that Proxy did this blows my mind. I mean he is a badass martial artist and bodyguard….. you know i can’t believe it never clicked before, he is a butler. I think the name proxy had me speculating to hard on what it ment that is miss the obvious.

Sage, did you ever make a bust chart of the main characters?

Yes I did.

Any chance for a link too that?

Ehhh- it’s not really representative of my best work so I don’t really want to post a link to it. If you wanna go digging though, it’s on Patreon. 😛 (All the patreon stuff is free to view if ya didnt know- nothing behind a paywall- in fact – end of this month one of my favorite images I’ve drawn is gonna go up- and there have been several really nice sketches and colored pictures on there from the past few months for sure.)

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