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Gotta love Kalish here. You can tell she absolutely loves Axel. They’re like a married couple at this point.

Somebody must have put in some exceptions on the “till death do us part” clause, then.

Kalish owns his soul, so it is “till annihilation do us part”; Axel only died.

Im pretty sure she doesn’t, the contract between them was made by one of the demon prince when he possessed alex. That prince used her true name to force her into servitude. But during the last words alex regained control causing the contract to be with him not the prince. So the contract has no benefits for her, it was entirely a form of enslavement. She got lucky she got bound to alex instead. Now im not sure if alex or anyone else can dispel it, but as long as he, but it may be even be better to leave it as it being in effect may prevent another such contract from being made. And alex clearly doesn’t abuse it.

Yeah, kinda suspect she’s gonna be none to pleased when she hears the real story! Still he’s back and fine sooooo….. all’s well that ends well? ……….Yeah it’s couch time for Axel!

Am i the only one having trouble getting to the hubsite for both comics or is anyone else having trouble loading it up?

The Katbox now redirects to my friends over at but they didn’t setup redirects for the old URLs. I’m looking in to see if they can do it. If you can though, please just go to either Yosh! or AI and use the links on the side bar (Bottom of the page if on mobile) there is an image link that says to check out my other comic. So you can go from AI to Yosh! and vice versa.

I am reminded of the end of The Mask of Zorro, where he’s telling his baby son in a crib the story of Zorro, and how he will always be there, opposing evil, “Fighting like a lion! Fighting like a tiger! Fighting-!” and he sees his wife at the door “…as safely as possible!” LOL.

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