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I’ve always wondered for the chimera ears are they are par with human hearing or is it enhanced animal like hearing? I know that i have read this comic for years but I dont really got that good of a memory.

One more thing when I clicked on the About, Cast and Bonus comic buttons they show the page but just a black back ground where the content is suppose to be is that suppose to be like that?

The bonus comic page should have been working and I’m not sure for how long it’s been blank. The Bonus comics are on the site so I just need to link them there. I’ll fix that soon. The cast page thing has been a work in progress that honestly- will probably never be done how I want it so I should just give up and throw some really basic stuff in there <_< and the About page is something I should be able to just do, so I will! Gonna need a bit though to get it sorted.

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