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Sage, it looks like you posted mondays comic again. Are you getting enough sleep?

Looks like the site might have had a hicup. The file is viewable though over at:

Hopefully, we’ll see Phil fix it in the morning. (He usually does)

Actual cause for the mix up. Files uploaded fine but when I clicked on the first image in the upload order I didn’t remember to refresh it so it wasn’t displaying the latest Image. Usually I check the page when it goes live but I got side tracked tonight. Checked it while getting in bed and was like “refresh… Why won’t it work? This is Mondays page… Why isn’t it… Why does it say 2307 on the post? Craaaap!”

I know Kate mentioned before there would be a select few situations where Blue would have / had a chance with her, but is this first actual confirmation that she is bi?

Yeah this is probably the first time she hasn’t fought the accusation and has just accepted she’s into girls as she’s into men… But she’s also in a relationship that hasn’t decided on it being open or not.

Thanks for confirming it. And leaving aside for a moment the kind of relationship Kate and Phil decide on having, from what I understand even among people that define themselves as bisexual it isn’t always an even split between how much they are into girls and guys. Someone might be okay and into flirting, cuddling, or making out with girls, but only being interested in a (sexual) relation with guys for instance.

I saw Blue’s serious face and thought who are you and what have you done with Blue? Also does anyone remember Blues real name?

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