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Death does not sleep, it merely waits for you to nod off so it can slip out and go do something! I can also agree that looking up from time to time in a darkened room to see eyes like that might be a little unsettling!

Im not sure im entirely clear whats happening here, it looks like she just sat up and noticed he was awake to me, or did she never sleep? Did he just force himself to stay awake? Why? Couldn’t he have just slept nearby? Its not like he can be awake at all times, better to have him onhand when talking to them in the morning. What exactly is the creepy factor here?

Scenario: The embodiment of Death magic – once again controlling the body of her host – starts getting up in the middle of the night, and stops herself when she sees that her handler hasn’t nodded off.

Obvious implication: Death was getting up BECAUSE she assumed Phil was asleep.

Creepy factor: WHY would she want to move around while Phil was asleep?

Not to mince words, Death is more or less a megalomaniac who Phil knows is both willing and able to commit mass murder on a global scale when it suits her purposes, and who recently took his fiancée hostage as leverage to use against him. Phil is also pretty much the only thing forcing her to play nice right now because of his immunity to her magic and ability to temporarily suppress her. The implication that she was hoping that he was asleep so she could sneak out is terrifying.

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