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I mean, the obvious thing would be to contact a sex worker. It’d be like a take-away order for a succubus.

Well, if she feeds on emotions, a professional sex worker probably isn’t going to be a good source. They would most likely be acting, so while it would feel the same to a human, not so much to a demon that feeds on emotion.

Also a sex worker is likely not as easily flustered as a normal person. And to get the same emotion simple harassment would get from a normal person would likely require actual sexual assault bordering on torture.

Those fake burgers look like real meat but they just don’t taste the same and don’t have the same nutritive value either(yeah plant based is probably healthier for humans, but still “more healthy” is a “different nutritive value” than “not healthy”)

My suggestion would be: The demoness needs the credentials to run a support group for “fustrated sexy maidens”.

Yeah, not so simple to just let her feed like normal! As far as sex workers go, not exactly legal in much of the U.S.A. And while Axel can teleport to places where it is allowed: 1. Does he want to be routinely going to these places? Does he have any personal hang ups about sex that might make going to such places…. uncomfortable for him? 2. How would that affect his relations with his friends if it became known he frequented such areas, even if he never uses the services himself? Take Shiden here: head of a very large, well known corporation. Might be a bit of an embarrassing scandal for him if Axel were to continue associating with him after being found out. Axel isn’t just having to consider the needs and feelings of the demoness on this issue. If he’s enlisting the aid of his friends on this matter he’s got to consider their thoughts and feelings too.

Im not sure if y’all understand how they work. She doesn’t need sex, she needs emotions. While some sex workers might enjoy their work they generally have to pretend to enjoy what they are doing. The emotions need to be real and general feelings of pleasure are not what she likes. She likes people who are in love, and awkward, embarrassment, feelings of nervousness, uncertainty, longing, and making mistakes- and even the feeling of betrayal and frustration. It’s why she would manipulate women who had men they loved and get the men to find out about them being close and feeding on the men feeling betrayed- and often also confused. Its those mix of emotions that she thrives on.

As she said, she can just “consume” magic, but it’s like bland kibble or like living on bread and water. The mix of feelings shes looking for is like a perfect steak dinner or with enough emotions, a full banquet that she can pick and choose from. It has nothing to do with sex, just the emotions involved around them. It’s why she pops up unexpectedly, to cause spontaneous bursts of mixed emotions while they are around people they like- like Kate and Phil.

Axel isn’t avoiding sex with the demoness, hes not interested in sex with her. She knows it. He loves her and she loves him- but it’s not a romantic love. They are close friends and no one knows that better than the Demoness, because she can taste it. To her it’s pleasant, but it’s no meal! Because they are so close he’s not easily manipulated by her to get the “flavors” she wants. No one person really can be enough for her either. However, those emotions that she eats- are just magic manipulated by people, even people who seem to have no magical ability, they all subconsciously influence the “taste” of magic. So, if Shiden can just rig a device that can simulate these effects… you basically create a food replicator for the demoness. a Choose your flavor for your kibble so to speak!

Thank you for the clarification and I’m sorry if I irritated you on the issue. Sounds like though what Axel is asking of Shiden won’t be easy. Sure if he can create the robot girls then creating a device like what’s being described should be possible. It’s creating it while working around some ethical dilemmas that might cause some difficulties. How do you create a device like that, that can influence magic in such a way as to replicate these emotions without it having some level of self awareness? And if it is self aware then you start getting into ethical issues such as why people objected over just having Shiden make a robot girl for the demoness to use. It could be a tough problem for them to work through.

It would likely just involve recording the emissions from a person as they go through those emotions, then building a machine that “plays back” those recordings. Sage said that emotions affect magic, I’m inferring that the effect is probably localized.

It’s probably not quite the same, but a analogy might be how a speaker can affect the air the same way you can when you speak. Does a computer need to be self aware to playback music, or even automatically put the music through “random” filters to make it sound different each time?

The tricky part would simply be making a machine that could sense said emotional energy. Since it seems Shiden wasn’t aware that his robot girls did this. but once he knows there’s something to know I’d imagine he’d want to know it.

I love that Shiden is just as ignorant of the demoness’ preferred “food” as I was. Until I read this reply from you, Sage, I just assumed she fed like the popularized version of succubi. So my line of thinking was “Would it really be difficult to find a guy or girl (both, dozens, hundreds?) willing to help feed her?”

I love that it’s not that simple, and even more so that it’s not simply sex she feeds on, but rather the complexity of emotions. It’s a creative take (or at least a lesser used one if you got the idea from somewhere else) on a classic character.

Ah! Okay, that makes sense. As a brony I am fairly familiar with emotivores.

Things can be rough there, but it all comes down to how the feeding works. When she consumes emotion, is it removed from the person or does she consume it in a more ambient fashion? I’d assume the former, since that is the also the easiest way to maintain physics at the same time (simplest explanation and all that). If her more destructive tendencies could be held down, she could always work in law enforcement. Being able to instantly calm someone down from raging anger—and being licensed to do so—would be quite the talent.

Then there’s always method acting and roleplay. Some people can get very into the D(omination and submission) parts of BDSM, and I could well see a whole bunch of sign-ups if her services were offered in such a way. Of course, there’s the problem of demon ethics, but she is likely smart enough not to bite the hand that feeds if the meal is sufficiently good.

As always, it’s great to see so much world building and thought going into the story. Keep up the great work!

Based on above explanations, it doesn’t appear that she actually “takes” anything from the people around her. They are not diminished in any way.

If I understand it correctly, it seems more like people act as a filter for what she actually consumes (magic). A bit like how a prism splits light into separate colours; the light exists independently of the prism, and the prism isn’t altered by the light.

To build on that then, a person’s emotional state would be like changing the structure and substance of the prism, so that certain colours of light become more dominant and vibrant than others.

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