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If her body is modeled after what people around her want, does that mean we have Axel to blame for making Kalish’s hair long again instead of that sexy shorter cut it was for far too brief a time?

Axel has great taste.
I’ve always wondered why Demoness (does she have a real name, by the way?) looked so much like Michelle, but just assumed it was just coincidence. Being succubus, it makes sense she would take the form of what her … master? lover? …. what is Axel’s relation to her again? … what their chosen wants.

Technically she has two names: an ordinary name, and a “true” name.

I think her ordinary has been revealed, but only actually been used once in the series (something with a K?)

We don’t know what her true name is, only that knowing it gives you power over the demon it belongs to, so it’s only told to trusted individuals. If I remember, that’s partially how she met Axel; the demon that got stuck inside his head (Penpen’s jerk cousin) used her true name to basically enslave her after getting it from her sister.

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