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What is up with these ridiculous long titles these days anyway?

And good luck on your surgery!

It’s a quirk of the current Japanese marketing culture. None of the intended audience read the synopsis, and The Diet has passed laws and regulations mandating how many characters can go into the synopsis… but the title can be any length, so the LN authors just put the synopsis in the title now!

so he can read without glasses

Maybe Phil is really nearsighted. He is holding the tablet pretty close to his face

Correct, as shown in early comics, Phil is Nearsighted, which is why he almost always wears glasses rather than a farsighted person who only really needs them for reading.

Based on how hard of a time he has, I’d guess Phil is even more near sighted than I am (I’ve never actually met someone who was before… my better eye is -5.5). That being the case, I’m surprised he CAN read without glasses. I mean, I do sometimes, but the screen needs to be literally less than 3 inches away for me to focus- close enough that I can only really focus using one eye at a time.

:p I commented without my glasses for the sake of accuracy. Basically from my nose to the phone, I can read within “hang loose” distance, as measured by hand, and a bit closer is better.

Looks like the two Phil’s are making comics 🤔 🤯 is Phil making the exact comic that the real life Phil is making 🤯 it’s going to make that Phil is making a comic that there’s another Phil and he’s doing the exact same 🤯 then there will be two million Phil’s!

I really like this. Polyamory requires a delicate balance of the character relationships to feel real, and not like an excuse for smut. Normal, everyday interaction between Phil and Michelle by themselves is the piece that was missing from this particular triangle, and I hope we’ll see more of it on occasion.

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