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Friday and next Monday will be Christmas Fillers and that Friday will be a new years filler! Wheeew! I mean- I get to have some time off- but not really… Filler pictures still take a lot of work… I do still plan to stream as normal though and AI will update as usual! Merry Christmas and happy Holidays! Comic resumes… Next year! 😀


Phil, embrace your Harem MC life

But he’s not the harem owner- he’s just part of the harem XD

I men yes it’s kates harem but would she really add someone to the harem if Phil wasn’t ok with it? I mean she is marrying him, by harem manga law that makes him the first wife (or i guess husband in this case) which technically puts him in charge of the harem when shes not around. A harem manager if you will.

THAT is what’s stopping him?! I think qualifies for losing your Man Card.

Yeah. I know. I mean, he’s worried about something embarrassing? That’s his reason to say no to what will possibly lead to something that is definitely not sleep inducing? Though, truth be told, if I was in the same situation, I’d be just as uncomfortable. I’d still probably end up curling up with both of them, if only to keep my girl happy.

Different people are concerned about different things. I don’t see anything wrong with avoiding possibly embarrassing situations for the opportunity to – sleep next to a girl you sleep next to all the time- and sleep next to a girl that you knows picks on you but you aren’t sure what their boundaries are exactly and you aren’t really interested in finding out?

Besides- He already knows she’s teasing him- this isn’t some prelude to sexy time, it’s just to tease. Nothings going to happen, but he knows from experience that he’s woken up to some awkward situations before and he’s a worry wart. He doesn’t worry about his safety because hes neigh invulnerable, but he is concerned about the feelings and emotional state of his friends and hurting that. So if you want to say something silly like revoking his “man card” for something like that then- being a man like that isn’t worth holding onto such a silly notion of what a man is.

It’s not even about sex, though. And with how you’ve set it up, Michelle is perfectly fine with the arrangement. As a person who worries too much about trivial things myself (not the best trait to inherit from ones parents lol), I understand that to a point. But he’s basically worrying about nothing. And he has two gorgeous women that are happy to sleep next to him, no strings, no expectations. I’ll admit I can’t think of how that could turn into an embarrassing situation. So I just can’t comprehend how, with all things considered in this arc, how Phil could say no. Sometimes the reward is worth the cost of embarrassment.

Don’t misunderstand, Sage, I’m loving the story. But this just doesn’t make sense. Hence why I made the man card comment. It was meant as a joke, a friendly ribbing, but I guess it didn’t convey that way through text.

Phil knows it will be embarrassing for him because he’s easily embarrassed. It’s like, “why would I put myself in that situation, that I’ve been burned by in the past, again with someone I can’t be certain is really ok with it? Even if they were- how do I live with myself knowing I did something I find so embarrassing?”

He doesn’t know for sure that nothing will happen, nor does he know if Michelle would actually be fine with it even if she says so. Often what people say and do don’t line up.

Sorry but it seems like everyone else who reads this is assuming this is going to lead to sex, so when I see people saying things like “man hes missing out” or “That’s stupid, he should dive in!” I’m mostly assuming they are horny people thinking he’s gonna have a threesome if he does. Truth is though- he’d be a bucket of anxiety if he got in bed between them knowing what he does, even if it may be silly to some- it’s serious to him. He has a serious imaging problem with himself and just can’t cut loose.

OK, that’s fair. Thanks for taking the time to explain it.

As for the expectation of sex, I already assumed it wouldn’t lead to that. Not that I wasn’t hope for it, cuz cmon, Kate and Michelle, but this comic still leans more to the family friendly side of things. If anything were to happen, I would expect it to turn out with him just being cuddle-piled by the two of them, kinda like what happened on the couch a few pages back.

My original comment was very short and didn’t really carry much context with it, so fair dues on that assumption.

Harem Wrangler. Cause seriously have you seen harem members? They act like complete animals XD (In “Sevens” …they literally end up warring with each other. Also ends up having around 2 generations before the entire kingdom the MC founded falls apart in a civil war.. which was grimly realistic)
Still though this is a Harem Wrangler with perks so can we call him a secondary harem character? I mean usually the Wrangler isn’t also being tempted into joining in during a harem story.

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