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When girls go shopping for dresses, or for clothes in general, it’s this whole saga involving a billion different outfits that absolutely must all look absolutely distinct from every other outfit that any other girl is wearing. When guys shop for suits or other clothes, it is simple a straightforward: this fits and it’s not hideous and it is perfectly ok to look practically identical to what every other guy in the world is also wearing. As a kid, my mother drove me absolutely batty when she took me shopping for new clothes, because she did it the girl way, having me try on every single everything and show it to her and it was absolutely useless anyway because, hey, the more fancy/stupid things were going remain untouched in my closet anyway. This is why the suit has gone a century or more mostly unchanged, because we finally found something that worked and we have stuck with it. So, yes, Michelle, he looks good in the first suit because that is how guys do it.

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