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Did Phil metagame again?

I mean, this entire jaunt was him metagaming so the party could have some fun with all the legendary gear he knew the locations of. It’s a case where they basically shrugged and decided to fully indulge in the power fantasy aspects of the campaign and punch well above their weight class via a collectively overpowered arsenal and OOC knowledge/strategies rather than fudging the dice rolls.

And honestly, I don’t hold that against them. Obviously it’s not good for general play, but sometimes it’s nice to have a sandbox-y oneshot and see the party power through and overcome conflicts that ordinarily would be impossible for them.

Yeah sometimes it’s just fun to turn on the cheats and see what you can do without going full on god mode. That said- this game was going to be broken from the start- converting characters from Pathfinder over to D&D while trying to maintain certain things- you’ll create major unbalances and everyone was just kinda lost in the coolness of how easy it was for them to just go on an adventure in a huge fantasy world.

The plan after this would be to retire the characters and the gear and make new characters for continued adventurers later!

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