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I mean how old is supposed to be even, there is walls tall enough to lean back on when sitting, so at least 2-3ft. So as long as over around 8 or so years old it should be fine.

He also has memories of past lives, so mental age might be a bit ahead of physical age.

Could also be younger, he has memories of a past life, but if he was turned into life younger than he was freed of the control this life then he could be younger mentally as well.

He only has memories of his first past life, he doesn’t remember personally anything after being taken over by the magic. That was thousands of years ago.

Yeah pretty sure you mentioned that before, I did say from a life. But you never said if he was older or younger than his current body when he was turned into life in that past life. Thats why we are speculating if he is older or younger mentally than his body.

Yeah, if Aster and Shion (?sp) only remember their young lives thousands of years ago, they’re having a lot of culture shock. Even without the Weirding making chimerae, radio and tv (how do they get those little people in there?) were inconcievable, and carts that move without horses or slave teams? The 21st Century must seem like a hallucination.

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