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Certainly would be a great way to use up power for no specific gain.

There is certainly a gain. It’s an experience to wake up in a different reality as something or someone else. It can also help you sleep by providing a more appropriate sleeping environment. Some people live in noisy areas and light sleepers have trouble staying asleep. Sensory deprivation from a headset can help.

Yeah, I could see sensory dep or at least triggering the VR to start when the person’s stats show they are waking, but running a VR while asleep would probably be a bit over the top. Not sure how deep this kind of VR can work, however. If it could be used to stimulate and build (effectively) lucid dreams that would allow someone to interact with while asleep—that would be a whole other kettle of fish.

Basically, what I’m saying is that there’s no point making an interactive world be interactive when the person in it cannot interact.

Oh man those rooms were so odd, even weirder when set to public. I kind of get it for long distance couples wanting to be near eachother, but why not set it to invite only, or friends only if your worried about dc’ing. Had several friends that used them, would go to see what they were doing and find them asleep in there, often with a random laying next to them who was awake.
On the plus side I got to troll them, I would use one of the pens to write out a embarrassing story of theirs and then swap to a massive chapter and put the pen way out of reach to prevent erasing, They never did figure out who was doing that to them. Though I kept telling them if the hated that happing so much they should ether stop sleeping in game or at least in a more private room.

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