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. . .okay question how have they not done anything about Serena’s status like I don’t mean citizenship I mean just her passport WTF?

I’m a little confused myself. Didn’t they fly commerical to this cave complex? In the US that would have brought up the “valid” ID and visa status.

Also, is that new? Was years since I visited, but I can’t remember that was a requirement.

Nah they don’t do that. They check IDs they do not check passports for travelling in country. As for being confused by this- Serena was brought in to the country by ACTUAL WIZARDS (More like sorcerers but whatever wizards sounds cooler for this context)! XD For the purpose of overthrowing the WORLD ORDER! Though she was co-opted by the “lets not do that crazy stuff” branch early on.

The point was they check any valid ID, a passport is just one of the options. She would need either a US ID or a passport. As she isn’t a citizen she would in fact need to show her passport to get on a flight in the US, even just internal ones. So if they did fly there she should have needed to have one, though frankly would make more sense if her and Emi just used magic to travel, less expensive and likely much faster.

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