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Something in the third panel is confusing me. Can someone clear up who found the video of Emi getting sacked? I thought it was Phil, but then it should be ‘[…]his fiancée[…]’. But if it was Kate, shouldn’t it be ‘[…]her fiancé[…]’? Or am I confusing langagues again and the english dropped the second ‘e’ from the female version when they abducted the word from the french?

Modern usage in English has generally gone to the use of fiancé being gender neutral used for either as it is pronounced the same way and you can use context to figure out whom it is referring to. You can clearly see it’s Phil who finds the video, the only thing implied here is after the video was found Phil asked Kate to call in a VTOL for them to use while Phil- got a shower and changed out of his clothes, as Kate is actually changing clothes in the comic they discover the video in (yay monitor for hiding the fact shes putting on a shirt. Originally the monitor was sized a little different and you could see her bare shoulders but the monitor size ratio was off so i had to make it bigger XD).

So to clear anything up Kate is saying “Phil was the one who found the video and I was the one to put the call in” in a way that says “He was responsible and I am just helping” to imply that Emi owes Phil.

Thanks for clearing things up! I wasn’t aware of the modern usage of the word. It’s been a while since I actively learned english and with Emi clearly adressing Kate in panel two and simply using ‘you’ in the fourth I got a little confused with the whole situation.
On a different note: Been following the comic since rather early on and enjoying it, but I’m usually a lurker on the webcomics I follow, so I think this is the first comment from me (at least as far as I remember). I do miss Penpen though.

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