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I think there is a typo – ‘steriods’ should be ‘steroids’ in the last panel.

Thanks for catching that! Ignore Torb and their bad joke… 😛

I had to sleep on this because I don’t want to unnecessarily take or give offense. But I read it as “their” is an attempt to circumnavigate the genderized English language. Locally, having the same problem, we use a similar construction to neutralize descriptions on sexes. But I haven’t seen this before and I have to guess it is an attempt to be inclusive on genderized groups as well.

Then, on the other hand, it seems odd to me that the inclusive full name wasn’t used to address me. Nicknames are meant to be endearing, I get that. But it doesn’t read that way to me and never has. I usually need a lot of wining and dining by girls I’m interested in before I let them do that to me and by then it makes part of our private space. No offense taken, but I just wanted to point out my preference – it’s my name, after all.

What are you even annoyed by exactly? Sage use of their wasnt even gender based, its just basic sentence structure. Nether he or her or any other gender based words would fit in that sentence. But even then it sounds like you wanted him to use their in the first place, yet wrote a essay about it as if offended.
The second part is the shortened name usage. And yeah I get it, but there is a few reasons you kind of just need to roll with people shortening it. One of the bigest reasons is that version of “o” isnt even on most keyboards, or if it is through some key combinations few know. Do to this most will hesitate and just go with a shortened version. On top of that its a screen name, its far less personal that your real name, thats the whole point, as many screen names are long or convoluted social edicts are that its fine to shorten them, its not really a nickname any more than your screen name is. Its not really a matter of endearing ether. You screen name is a name for total strangers to call you, even a shortened version or nickname based on it is still less personal than your real name. So comparing it to a girlfriend giving you a nickname isn’t a good comparison as its far from that intimate. Like I would never expect to be called hevensdragon, some do sure but its too long so unless its a matter of tagging in a conversation it almost never happens. In short you attaching the meaning of a nickname in RL to when its used online, but it just doesn’t mean the same things.

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