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Outsiders are as alien as they come in Yosh, and would be the only source of a new form of magic that could affect the Null. Though his resistance is so crazy high It won’t take much for the nulls power to adapt. It may seem like this should be a bad situation now for Phil, but of the two in this situation, Phil is still clearly the more dangerous monster.

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Phew! At least we know there will be no date. “You shall not pass!””

Phil would make a cute momster though.

We’ve seen that Phil is immune to celestials, does that mean that celestial magic and regular magic are the same? Or are they just more similar while outsider magic is so strange that his null abilities need to build up new immunities for it?

Luckily Phil is also immune to physical damage otherwise he might’ve been in actual trouble here.

Phil is immune to all magic from his world and any magic that is similar enough, and if he isn’t he can resist most and gain immunity. Think of it like this, if someone uses magic to throw a rock at him, it just stops, if someone used magic from another world that worked on a completely different method to toss the rock it would slam into Phil, stinging a bit because hes still immune to the physical.

His living magic would then adjust to counter it like it normally does as it adjusts to magic EXTREMELY quickly. It adjusts to physical attacks less quickly as show with Penpens actions to slowly improve his resistance over time.

The attack here is a Psychic attack that Phil wasn’t familiar with. He was confused because it uses memories he has to replicate the pain, but the worse stabbing pain he has had was a dagger (kuni) stabbing him and basically doing nothing. So, his response is like “whoa- that hurts a lot but it also doesnt feel right- like this is way bigger- shouldnt this hurt a lot more?” and hes trying to understand both that disconnect and how it happened. His staff hitting the floor though shook him out of the spell though bringing him back.

This is a weird question related to Phil’s Null power but I guess unrelated to most everything else I have been reading a lot of Webnovels and the like from well pick a place in asia I guess, anyway eventually most Main Characters eventually gain the power to effect the laws of Physics in a area around them I am just curious if Phil dealt with someone who could alter the reality to do be advatagous to them would His Null Power work or could they bypass it to hurt and even kill him?

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