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What’d Phil just do?

I don’t know yet. There has been associated descriptions on how Phil and/or his magic adapts by unknown – or by me misunderstood and/or forgotten – means. [For example, I don’t know how much of each goes into the process.] The purpose is clearer, it seems to be to nullify threats.

Though I would guess the suggestions on the need for finding a bleach bottle are correct. Outsiders really stain our reality.

It appears that the creature changed itself into a form that had to be maintained by magic. Take away the magic and instead of being living goop it’s dead goop.

Correct, the creature made the mistake of transmuting itself, also it was always made mostly of magic, it was just not magic Phil’s power had found a way to deal with. To put it more simply, the creature was made from a magic that he couldn’t break down easily because it didn’t understand it. By transforming it turned its body into a more malleable form- which made it much easier to understand the magic. Like how it’s easier to filter and examine a sample of water- when it’s not ice. The blue fire is the interaction of the outsider magic with the nullification magic.

In the previous comic, Phil said “Transforming fills you with magic” and then says “No matter where you are from, Magic is Magic.” as it starts to burst and burn in his hand. So he knows touching it, causes it to react and be destroyed.

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