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the moment Phil dozes off and let his weapon drop is the moment the aircraft crashes 😀

I was wondering about that. Just how heavy is it when Phil isn’t holding it?

With no magic touching it probably not to bad, but this is a magic powered aircraft and two magi and kate are present, so going to go out on a limb and asume there is a rather decent amount of ambient mana present.

Ambient magic has it at around 4-6 tons, after that it’s kinda like magnets- exponentially heavier the closer towards a source of mana, and even more so to magic being manifested. When Lia touched it to teleport it, it suddenly went to around 12 tons, and when she cast teleport it drew so much magic from the spell that it cut her spell distance in half and weighted around 50 tons for a moment. This can easily turn into significant amounts of damage, however the other major benefit is that this object is practically unbreakable, as it is bound together with this mass. All of this magic causes it to become more dense and stronger, so nearly no amount of force can break it, and it gives so little that it imparts all of the force, and Phil feels no blowback because he negates it. This effectively breaks physics so calculating what the tons of force and the speed he uses it isn’t really useful for determining what kind of damage he can do with it.

It’s likely not useful to put “playbooks” against each other – and it’s your universe – but it’s fun. (At least it is for me. ;-)) So in a physics playbook even the putative existence of magic breaks physics. [Since, oh, let’s say 2018. Then cosmologists robustly (repeatedly, with different means) showed that the entire universe is the result of a natural process (expansion).] So “breaking” it here means making it bleeding obvious form observation it was already broken.

Mana may be an effort to physicalize magic among those who cares for it, and I think that can be partly successful. It lacks a mechanism (which is what makes it magic), but at least it’s a physical “stuff” of some kind. Handwave some mechanism and it could be non-breaking (though mundane physics). Mileage to be decided (say, you can’t have absolute anti-gravity anyway since space curves under gravity).

I don’t know if there’s a typo in the response to the outsider magic it look like you it even was able should be” it was even able confuse me”

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