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Wait the robot girls can do remote hacks?

wouldn’t say its remote hacking more she is probably brute forcing the bluetooth most likely

Fairly certain that would be a remote hack as it’s used in – what’s the phrase- common parlance? Yeah that’s it, if you hack something without directly working on it, such as through wifi or even if it was hardwired and connected to a system- if you, from another system, hack it. That is a remote hack. The attack being a brute force attempt would just be a type of hack. Also, a very unlikely method of hack for an android girl whom has the near supernatural ability to communicate directly with technology. They can certainly perform brute force attacks at extreme speed, but they would be limited to the speed the device being hacked can handle. Meanwhile- she has the ability to effectively see and analyze digital and analog signals moving through the air and inside of computer systems. Brute forcing something is not necessary- when you already know the passwords or can mimic the signal with perfection.

For some reason my connection was being slow this morning so it took a bit for the comic to load. That’s ok because I got to look at Michelle a bit longer while waiting for the rest of the comic to load. Enjoyed the rest too once it finished. Classic Phil being oblivious!

Honestly good sound suppressing headphones for when using a computer is just proper courtesy when you live with somebody who could be distracted or woken up due to enhanced hearing like Kate almost certainly has, wouldn’t want a video to wake them up or distract them while cooking (or any task where distraction could cause injury) after all.

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