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He’s not eating together with them? Or are they having a girl’s night and he doesn’t want to intrude?

He already had dinner. This was after that.

Panel four: “Went” should be “gone”, unless that’s how Kate talks.

“Went with the Wind” was a great movie.

Went well is correct. Gone well is also correct. Welcome to English where sometimes it works both ways. If you’re never heard went well then welcome to slightly southern US English.

Yeah, “must have went well” is definitely not something I’ve ever heard. And this article makes it clear that “gone” and “went” are not actually synonyms.
The grammatically correct way to say that is, in fact, “it must have gone well”.

Yeah spoken language is different from grammatically correct written language. Spoken language includes sentence fragments, regional sayings, and colloquial terms. Comics are spoken language written, so it will not always follow strict guidelines for grammar. “Must have went well” is a common spoken phrase. People don’t always speak “Grammatically correct”. Ya’ know?

I take it the response was really to jrh150482, as I know what it is and used it in another sense for comic effect. FWIW I worked two years in Dallas, Texas and it went well.

On the context, languages evolve so ‘rules’ are merely often used patterns for convenience, easing communication. I have kept my grammars to a minimum level and learn by doing. Which is why I find the context interesting since there is always more to learn.

See y’all later!

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