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Why do I not trust you here Sage? I know you love drawing the girls in sexy outfits but I just can’t shake this feeling that isn’t what Phill is goeing to go for, that it will be more nerdy that sexy, still probably sexy, but not as much as the buildup makes us expect. Basically I expect somthing that gets a “wait why this?” “This isn’t what I was thinking but fine” reaction from Michelle.

Uh is Phil padding the dress?

Yep- for some reason they own pads… Kate certainly doesnt need em. o_o

I keep getting the inkling that Phil is trans, but not out of the closet yet (which due to being null, might be difficult.)

Phil identifies as male but has no strong attachment to being masculine. I’m sure there’s a name for that but gender isn’t all that important to him. He doesn’t wish to be female over being male, but he has no problem being feminine. So, since he identifies as male, I think technically he’s not trans. It’s certainly more complicated than just being male or female which- I think when it comes to gender is usually the case when you delve into it.

no she does not; ooo, maybe they bought them in advance while planning this before hand

Kate probably has a mental checklist of which of her friends could fit into which cosplay outfits, and keeps a few basic types and sizes of pads handy to allow her less-endowed friends to borrow things. She could probably pad even Lien out to fill a Kate-sized outfit.

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