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She was told Toyoko was an android off-screen, or did Yuki recognize her somehow? The way Toyoko talks at the start of this, she half-implies she is a shapeshifter too.

Yuki can tell they are androids, but they did discuss it. Toyoko is not implying she is also a shapeshifter, but rather they both benefit from being not normal humans. An android with regenerative skin and being built from materials that are more durable than human skin, muscles and bone, makes her not as susceptible to wear and tear from stretching and from pressure from weight. While Yuki, being a shapeshifter, can always refresh her body or manipulate her body to resist any degradation on her body.

Simply put, as non-humans with particular features, they can remain young and “perky” without the aid of modern underwear technology. Naturally the random store worker that helped Yuki was unaware of her supernatural abilities and would recommend a bra.

…. I mean, presumably the androids don’t have shape-changing breasts, so would still need a bra to control how they “hang”, so to speak? If the goal is to have them feel lifelike, they’d also be required to prevent them from bouncing too much. Yuki could shape-change per outfit, but that sounds strange.

Toyoko is specifically saying that as an android, she wont suffer back pain or injury due to the size of her breasts, and because she’s artificial and how her body is repaired, she doesn’t have to worry about sag or stretching becoming a problem because her skin will not lose it’s shape or stretch beyond it’s means. Yuki can also do all that through shapeshifting and magic.
Neither of them are particularly worried about flopping around unless it causes them other issues (like if they were being active and in traditional anime fashion- accidentally smacking themselves in the face all the time-).

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