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Part of me hopes that the “practically the same size” comment means that Yuki is just a -smidgen- bustier than Toyoko, because there’s some sort of visceral glee in the new girl taking the size crown from the long-running champ. Like, I know being a shapeshifter is kinda cheating, but she did say that this is her natural size, so it still counts in my eyes!

As an aside, I doubt Sage will outright state which one is bigger, since, well, it barely matters; in practice, either one will always be the bustiest girl in any given panel anyway, and Sage tends to play fast and loose with anatomy and proportions. I used to be bothered by that fact, just a little, but really, props to him for finding his style and sticking to it. Yosh wouldn’t be as appealing as it is if he were more strict with anatomy; the looseness of the artstyle is very much a boon to its overall feel.

I wouldn’t outright say it? Why not? This comic is supposed to be again pointing out, Toyoko and Yuki have the same cup size, their boobs, are the same size. Yuki’s torso though, slightly smaller. Toyoko is relatively thick all around, so she’ll always look “bigger” – but boobs to boobs- they are the same size!

I am a bit loose with anatomy sometimes, not always on purpose- but sometimes, it is intentional. Less than people might think though! XD

Ahaha, if I had been able to, I would have removed this comment and replaced it with one that is a bit more carefully worded, as I realized after the fact that it (unintentionally!) came across as kind of a backhanded compliment x3

As an artist, myself, I PERFECTLY understand what you’re saying here, and I’m honestly amazed at how consistently you put out new art of such consistent quality. I’m not being passive-aggressive or backhanded when I say that the looseness of your artstyle is a very big point in its favor- your art is very much yours and your style is so unique and appealing!

Also, I’ll happily settle for the two having the exact same cup size! xD

“Sure. Screen scroll or paper scroll?”

“Everything but the talking book was recently put in a digital archive to search through easier after an incident a while back. Phil was…sort’ve involved in those things, too.”
‘Those things?’
“Both the incident in question, and the talking book.”

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