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Any old library book should know to be quiet.

Should it? It far predates public libraries, hell its probably spent far more time that it was unsealed in a treasury than a library. And any library it was in would be a private one, where the concept of be quite to not disturb others wouldn’t exist.

Nice try, but you *can* write new things in old books. 😎 As any visit to a library will show.

[And private libraries can have all the rules they wish including silence, though I expect it would be rarer.]

But mostly it was a joke about a fictional book with an intelligence.

My point was that for the vast majority of its life the concept wouldn’t yet exist, and it was sealed during the time of the last null and only just unsealed. Hundreds of years of habits vs less than a year to adapt, and even the current library is rather private and not sure how many there would shush him.

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